BLOG – Customer Service is key to success

As an organisation providing manufacturers with a wide range of quality management services which include inspection, rectification, engineering and technical services plus bespoke recruitment, customer service has always been the pillar of G&P’s global success.

And that customer service is not confined to project delivery and results – it starts from the outset of any partnership through diligent listening and a clear understanding of requirements.  It is only from this evident start point that a project can be delivered with a certainty of success, however clearly supported throughout by other key principles of good customer service: knowledge, experience, expertise, honesty and transparency to ensure the customer’s needs are not just met but exceeded. Of these principles communication is a cornerstone of G&P’s customer service; keeping the customer regularly appraised of progress, being clear in terms of project requirements and deliverables, and being prepared should challenges be uncovered.

Importance in today’s business world

Ultimately if you don’t look after your customer then someone else will.  This sentiment is more important today than ever because while people don’t necessarily want to change suppliers the environment is getting more competitive and offers customers more choice

It’s true to say that more aggressive competition is populating a smaller pond therefore there is the need to stand out from the crowd – making sure every customer is well served, regardless of their size and project scope.  This commitment to customer service emanates from the very top of G&P with senior management fully supporting their teams, and by extension their clients, throughout all projects.

Trust, honesty, integrity, commitment and being open and transparent become ever more important.  Customers understand that a supplier or partner must generate revenue, however G&P’s focus on solving their problems and installing processes that prevent a repeat occurrence ensures that the customer can keep moving forwards without further onward assistance.

Proof is in the pudding

While G&P’s delivery ensures that projects have a briefing, an activity and a conclusion – having achieved the desired result – many customers do retain G&P for further projects.  At the same time this can be seen as contrary to operating a business that provides right-first-time solutions.  However, it is proof that great customer service generates repeat business.

A key component of the G&P offering is skilled recruitment services, designed to be flexible and scalable.  This ensures that G&P can not only go the extra mile in pursuit of delivering great customer service but are ideally placed to maintain that support into new projects.

This is very much the culture throughout the G&P business and certainly a strong customer service focus is sought when recruiting for either full-time or contract employees.

In any business climate, irrespective of the challenges faced over the past 20 months and now in the aftermath, a strong customer first approach is key and a mainstay of G&P’s success – it’s key to looking after our customers.


Peter Woakes

Regional Operations Manager – UK


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