Long-serving employees celebrated

More than 30 long serving employees have been recognised by quality management provider, G&P, for their commitment, loyalty and dedication in a series of presentation events.

The events, which took place at BMW’s Oxford and Hams Hall plants, and Rolls Royce Motor Cars’ Goodwood manufacturing facility, celebrated those individuals who have worked for G&P at these plants for at least five years.

G&P has worked with BMW Group for many years and at the presentation it was noted that these team members have played a significant role in delivering high levels of customer service to the BMW Group, helping to recently extend G&P’s UK service contract for another five years, as well as becoming the exclusive quality services partner at BMW’s new plant in Debrecen in Hungary.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, G&P’s CEO, Dino Kyriacou said, “My heartfelt thanks go to everyone who is celebrating their five-year anniversary with G&P. At a time where job hopping is the norm and employees rarely stay at the same company for more than a few years, such loyalty, dedication, and commitment are indeed rare and deserve to be celebrated”.

G&P launched its long service awards programme in 2022 and so far, 130 members of its team from around the world have been honoured.

Providing quality management services to manufacturing companies worldwide, G&P now employs more than 1,000 members of staff who operate in over 250 manufacturing facilities.

The company celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and during that time, it has completed more than 125,000 projects for its customers. It has received several notable awards and honours including The Queens Award for Enterprise in 2016, and most recently the Excellence in Technology and Innovation award from the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.

Svojim partnerom po celom svete poskytujeme služby akosti od roku 1994.

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