Quality management provider G&P celebrates 15 years in Hungary

  • G&P, a leading quality management provider, is celebrating 15 years in Hungary
  • G&P employees work with manufacturers to maintain quality standards, increase efficiency and deliver cost improvements
  • Located in Mór, G&P is now looking forward to another 15 years and more in Hungary

Leading quality management provider G&P, which has particular expertise in the automotive sector, is celebrating 15 years in Hungary.

Based in Mór, G&P’s Hungarian team is deployed in various manufacturing facilities around the country, primarily in the automotive supply chain.

It was in 2006 that its Hungarian office – G&P Quality Management Kft – was opened, offering a full suite of quality management services to manufacturers and their suppliers so that quality standards are met and the customers’ reputation is protected.

G&P’s vitally important work is also focused on increasing efficiency and cost improvements throughout the manufacturing process.

Dino Kyriacou, CEO at G&P, said: “It is fantastic to celebrate 15 years in Hungary, helping manufacturers and their suppliers through our expertise in quality management provision.

“My gratitude goes to all our customers, with whom we have worked alongside and developed long term relationships.

“Of course, my thanks also goes to all our current colleagues and those who have previously worked with G&P and have made our Hungarian business such a success by offering a high level of professional service to all our clients.”

Founded in 1994, UK-headquartered G&P has grown to have a global presence, operating in more than 100 manufacturing facilities around the world. The company recently underwent a successful restructure to focus on future growth.

Dino added: “Over past year we have successfully navigated the challenges due to the pandemic and we can now look forward to the future, providing a full range of quality management services, together with specialist engineering skills, so that quality is a continued focus for all those in the manufacturing process.”

G&P’s ambitious growth phase centres on developing the breadth of core sectors, including aerospace, defence and industrial, together with expansion into adjacent services, such as promoting the added value of higher skilled technicians and engineers.

The expansion strategy is underpinned by business diversification, which is driven by continued and strong investment in G&P’s people and the business itself, together with robust reporting and processes.

Svojim partnerom po celom svete poskytujeme služby akosti od roku 1994.

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